Our Services

Nobukhosi Investments

Legal Advice

We offer a professional and independent legal advice service, which saves you time, hassle and costly accounts with lawyers.

Loan Brokerage

We offer a loan brokerage service, putting you in touch with the right company that meets your specific financial requirements to achieve your goal.

Affordability & Credit Risk

Do you understand your affordability? Let us guide you on your credit risk profile, help you manage it to, ultimatly improve it.

Financial Wellness

We care about our clients’ financial pathway and the decisions they make – we are here to assist, advise and help you to strive through educating and management.

Identity Protect & Fraud

Let us assist you with fraud prevention in the case of identity theft. We boast with experience and valuable knowledge of remedial measures to apply.

Contact Centre Assistance

Our friendly and highly efficient agents handle a large volume of call enquiries daily and function as a central point to manage your requests and offer legal and financial advice.

Why work with us?

Nobukhosi Investments practice ubuntu in our business and with our partners and clients. We are ubuntu, join us.

We believe in ubuntu
The power of unity goes a long way and by using ubuntu in our business practices, we give respect to each other. “Ubuntu ngumtu ngabanye abantu” (“A person is a person through other people”).

Nobukhosi Investments ensures our services are delivered with the highest quality of service excellence to our loyal clients.

We believe in quality
Nobukhosi means ``royalty`` and as such, we seek quality in everything we receive, therefor also in everything we give: quality deliverance of service excellence.

Nobukhosi Investments strives to accomplish all our business dealings with integrity and principles, resulting many times in being a cut above the rest of the industry.

We believe in integrity
Our company believes in conducting business with good, strong principles and character and interlinking our staff and client relationships with fair mindedness and honour.